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Wireless Network Regulatory Compliance and Security – Questions I Have Asked When Wi-Fi Is in Use

A couple of weeks ago, my nephew had a seizure. He’s ok. We did all of the proper things and got him the assistance that he needed. He eventually ended up at an area ER . While i used to be there waiting on the test results to urge back, I began to note of the technology the hospital was using. the most important observation that I made is that they use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) — no paper charts. Each observation room had its own computer and there have been wireless mobile stations a couple of feet down the hall. in order that led me to ask, “How compliant are they with HIPAA Standards during this wireless environment?”

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Wireless Network Regulatory Compliance and Security – Questions I Have Asked When Wi-Fi Is in Use

Yesterday, i used to be at an area grocery . I only picked up a couple of things , so i made a decision to use the self checkout aisle. Unfortunately, my terminal froze on one among the things i used to be trying to shop for . I politely put my hand up to urge the eye of the attendant, thinking that she was getting to come across and do something to my terminal to urge me going again. She didn’t come to me. What she did instead was to tug out the stylus on her hand-held wireless computer, made a couple of taps and voila… i used to be up and running again. in order that led me to ask, “How compliant are they with PCI Standards during this wireless environment?”

Now in two different scenarios, I’ve asked two questions. Both are an equivalent question and specialise in one technology-wireless networks. the sole difference is that I inserted a special standard. One primarily focuses on protecting Electronic Personal Health Information — HIPAA, and therefore the other primarily focuses on protecting mastercard information — PCI. The installation of a wireless network introduces a replacement set of issues that need to be addressed so as to be compliant with these standards.

Wireless Network Regulatory Compliance and Security – Questions I Have Asked When Wi-Fi Is in Use

What are a number of these issues?

there’s no physical medium by which your data is passed. With the info passing through the air, how does one contain access to it?
Traditional means to secure a wired network won’t all work on a wireless network.
Attackers can attack a wireless network without having to travel through an online connection or firewall and remain anonymous.

So what are “some” security measures that would be put in situ to deal with these issues and have a secure wireless network?

confirm your data is encrypted if you handle sensitive information and/or that your wireless connection is encrypted. albeit someone is observing your signal, they will not be ready to understand what they’re viewing.

confirm there’s a way in situ to authenticate each user also as a way to authenticate the wireless network you’re using. this is often called mutual authentication.

Use a Virtual Private Network or a VPN whenever possible. If you’ve got a wireless network connected to your wired network, you ought to be employing a VPN.

Implement a Location-Based Wireless Security System. A Location-Based Wireless LAN security system gives you the power to exactly determine the physical location of all wireless devices, in and around your RF environment. It continues to watch your environment 24/7 and implements security protection mechanisms in real-time to deal with issues like policy violations, rogue devices, vulnerabilities and threats.

Wireless networks are here to remain and will a minimum of have the 4 security measure mentioned above in situ . Wireless networks offer mobility, convenience and a relentless connection to the network, and it’s something that each business (even those with a “No Wi-Fi Policy”) goes to possess to deal with , especially people who are subjected to standards like HIPAA, PCI, SOX, DOD Directive 8100.2 and GLBA, just to call a couple of .

Ty Stewart has helped organizations big and little develop, secure, troubleshoot and maintain their wired and wireless networks. Through AirSaba Wi-Fi, helps organizations identify vulnerabilities and compliance issues with their wireless network then makes recommendations to repair the issues .

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